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Second Hand Sofas, Sofa Beds, Lounges Couches

All sofas listed here are presently available. Our range of sofas varies frequently, and typically includes popular models such as IKEA sofas. You can select a preferred delivery day at the checkout screen.

Couch - $39.00

Second-hand Couch

Fair condition

Sofa Bed - $99.00

Second-hand Sofa Bed

Fair condition

Sofa - $149.00

Second-hand Sofa

Fair condition

Two Seater Couch - $169.00

Second-hand Two Seater Couch

Excellent condition

Sofa - $289.00

Second-hand Sofa

Very Good condition

Two Seater Couch - $289.00

Second-hand Two Seater Couch

Good condition

Stylish Sofa with Chaise - $309.00

Second-hand Stylish Sofa with Chaise

Good condition

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